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BTN Surveyors are able to offer a wide variety of services. Below you'll find how we can help and assist you.

Party Wall Survey

Free telephone consultations

If you're planning on carrying out building works and need to understand your obligations under the act, this is for you.

If you have received a Party Wall Notice from your neighbour and want to know your options and how best to reduce the risk of damage to your property and undue disruption from building works, we've got you covered!

Prepare a schedule of conditon

Prepare a schedule of condition

Whilst this is not ab obligation under the Party Wall Act, it is an extremely important step and strongly advised.


Designed to protect both the building owner(s) and the adjoining owner(s). One of our Party Wall Surveyors will visit the adjoining owner(s) property(ies) and prepare detailed schedule(s) of condition prior to works taking place, avoiding disputes over damage caused by the works. 

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Appoint an Adjoining Owners Surveyor

If you've received a Party Wall Notice and you would like to protect your property from potential damage and unnecessary disruption then BTN Surveyors will ensure that the works are properly examined, that the works are carried out in a professionally specified manner, minimising the risk to your property.


We will ensure that the contractor carries all of the appropriate insurances and that the works are carried out in sociable hours, minimising disruption to your daily lives

Serve a party wall notice

Serve Party Wall notices

Our Specialist Party Wall Surveyors will; 

  • Review your proposed building work

  • Identify the key areas covered by the Party Wall Act

  • Identify your Adjoining Building Owners

  • Serve on your behalf, valid Party Wall Notices to all of your adjoining building owners

  • Ensure your building works can proceed Lawfully

Building plans approved

Appoint a Building Owners Surveyor

When correct notices are served we generally hope that appointing surveyors is not necessary, but this is not always the case.


When a dispute arrises and your neighbour "dissents" to the works set out in the party wall notice then you will need to appoint a party wall surveyor. BTN Surveyors are on hand to ensure that an appropriate award or a neighbourly agreement is reached in the quickest possible timescale, allowing your project to get underway whilst maintaining neighbourly relations

Building work

Appoint an Agreed Surveyor

Being a Specialist firm of Party Wall Surveyors and members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, BTN Surveyors are often appointed as "Agreed" surveyors.


An "Agreed" surveyor under the Party Wall Act is one that has been agreed by both the building owner wishing to carry out works and the neighbouring owner wishing to ensure the risk of damage by the works is kept to a minimum. Short of reaching an agreement without the need for a surveyor this is our preferred route as its the most cost effective solution for the building owner.

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